Friday, June 08, 2007


i think i learned that when you do business with people you learn who they really are.

maybe that is why jesus said where your treasure is your heart is also.

i talk with people all the time that i know really well and those that are STRONG acquaintances.
i dont know if they are trying to be polite and not hurt my feelings or what but this is a common occurrence.

rant one
"i'll give you a call later either way." i never hear from them again
it gets awkward when we cross paths believe me. not for me, i dont care, but its obvious on their face.

me: "can you give me a yes either way? if your answers no thats okay." (this is really how i feel at least im getting a def. answer)
them: "yes."
me:(later on) so how do you feel, yes or no?
them: "can i get back to you. ill promise ill call you."

i guess yes and no are a lot harder to say than you think.

i just see a lot of people that are presumed to have a lot of character and then when you try to talk to them you get a shady runaround.

this is not one specific instance but numerous occasions. i dont blog much. so obliviously its become pretty obvious to me.

second rant

the job i have isnt a fling. its my profession. i will do it for years. i love it. this is how i feel.
i dont appreciate being seen as the same kid that grew up in athens so my job is just some gimmick or something that will pass. its helps people and there is no risk. how often do you get that opportunity? not many.

i say this because dealing with people i dont know is easier than those i do know. i get straight answers and there is no preconceived idea about who i am or was.

maybe this says more about me than them. i dont know.

after i visit with you im done selling. if i see you around town and expect me to talk about my job and try to "sale you" im not. you had your chance. thats why a straight answer helps. i refuse to be the insurance guy.

why do i think you see a real person when you engage in business with them, because you find out real quick what they care about. honesty. integrity. straight answer. or if they just want money. how do they deal with people who want fifteen minutes before they say no to something they know nothing about? kind rebuttal or jack ass?

im not trying to hurt you. and if your answer is no, you're not hurting me.

just have some integrity and dont break your promises, all the time...

...and scene

but its not like anyone reads this.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Look Alike

sometimes i see people and think they look like someone else.
this drives me crazy when i cannot figure out who it is.
in order to keep the blog fresh i will post pictures of this strange phenomenon.
ladies and gentlemen

ive been watching the tournament and noticed that kammron taylor

looks like

kammron played hard but came up short. good effort. players are supposed to play hard.

you want a cookie?!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

ncaa tournament

quick thought while watching the butler and maryland game...
aj graves looks like a nerdy kid that should be keeping stats.
i do think that the suns should draft him and let him be mentored by nash.
this is the kind of guard you want.
if steve blake can make it i think this kid can.
here's his picture. pure intimidation.

Monday, December 25, 2006


My niece is being a little testy right now as we watch the Cowboy game. So, my sister threatened to put up the toys that Santa brought her. Without hesitation she rebuttled "No you can't, Santa doesn't leave receipts."

Good Point.

My sister reply, "I said put them up, not take them back."

Well done sis.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Saturday, September 02, 2006

you could lose a few

I haven’t posted in a while and that is because blogging is a habit. I’m trying to create one so here we go.

I was flipping through channels the other day when I landed on Joel Osteen. Digging “deep” into the scriptures he talked about how lose weight. Here is a summation.

Give up one coke a day and in a year you could lose 15-20 pounds.
Give up 4 glazed donuts a week and you could lose 15-20 pounds in a year.
He knew a man who gave up the bite sized snickers he would ear everyday after lunch and lost 10 pounds in a month.

So in a year if I give up a coke a day, four glazed donuts a week and a bite sized snickers after my lunch I could lose a total of 50 pounds. Ladies and gentlemen the new and better you.

Monday, May 15, 2006

30/30 Vision

I played basketball last Thursday night in the men’s 30/30 league. 30 years old. 30 pounds over weight. I fit neither of these categories, which makes me the anomaly. I can honestly say it was one of the best times I’ve had playing basketball in quite some time. We played for about 2 hours and during that time there were no arguments. I have never had this happen. Just a great group of guys to hang with. I now look forward to this Thursday night. I’m hoping my bosses Jordan and Louis can come hoop and that I won’t poke anybody in the eye this time. My bad Chad.

Monday, May 01, 2006

what ha.. happened was

Delayed Blogging on a week that was


I spent Easter with my friends in RoundRock at Vista Community Church. It was great to spend this weekend with people that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Good times all around.

I was planning on heading back on Monday and going by Truett to get some information taken care of but they were closed so I decided I would spend the week so I could hang with Jeff during his weekly communte to youthquake and then the Act29 church planting meeting on Thursday. So…


Attend a small group with Jeff Christy Scott and Tiffany. While upstairs playing a wretched game of pool a loud noise comes out of nowhere. “What the hell is that?” Scott. Scott looking out the window, “Hail!”

Nonstop 15 minutes and thoughts of an insurance report later it was over. And yes my jeep looks like it has attained reverse Acne.


We head the hour and half drive to San Antonio for Youthquake. All goes well. Then at some point Jeff decides we should drive up that night to Dallas to stay at his parents so we don’t have to get up so early the next morning for the Acts29 meeting.

So we start to head up to Dallas and on the South side of Salado we notice a tan ford ranger following a semi at about 10 feet, if that. The semi tries to move and let the guy pass but he stays right on his butt. The semi then passes another semi and tries to dart in front of this semi so he can shake the ranger, but the ranger squeezes himself in between the two, 5 ft. of room in front, 5 feet of room behind. I know gas prices are high but really do you have to take your life into your own hands so you can draft and save a few bucks?

This continues for about 10 more minutes and I do what anyone would do, I call the cops. I get on the phone with the dispatcher for what begins a lengthy conversation. From south of Belton to McLennon County no cops show up. I end up being on the phone for nearly 30 minutes and no officer is available to help on this section of I-35. Jeff summed it up best with this statement, “I can’t believe there hasn’t been one cop. They always seemed to be available to write me a ticket though.” I concur.


We arrive albeit late for the Acts 29 meeting to here Matt Carter, Matt Chandler and Barry Keldie share the stories about their churches. It was quite interesting.

Heading back was just as adventurous as the trip up. We ran into a monster of a storm south of Waco. I just knew there was going to be a tornado. Traffic on the highway slowed to 35-40 mph at some points. It was awesome.

South of Salado traffic suddenly stopped and we soon realized why. A huge sign had fallen in the middle of the highway and cars had to get around it. As we got around the sign we saw about 8 cars that weren’t so lucky and ran over the sign and got blowouts. Tough break.

Jeff took me to the spot of the Jerrell tornado. Unbelievable.

Upon arriving at the house Christy tells us that earlier in the day it hailed AGAIN! Now my Jeep was really jacked.


Went by Truett to take care of some stuff. Closed due to the inauguration of the new president of the university. My plan has completely backfired.


I am working at a coffee shop and deli trying to make money for when I go to seminary. I am also trying to mow lawns. I’m having better luck making lattes and serving sandwiches than finding lawns to mow.

Now that life and time are stabalizing I shall be here more often, I hope.